4 Aftercare Tips for Your New Dental Filling

4 Aftercare Tips for Your New Dental Filling
Posted on 11/10/2023

Getting a dental filling has become a virtually painless process. However, you still have to be careful after you get your cavity filled. Denver dental fillings are best done by the professional staff at Gentle Smiles of Colorado. Give them a call if you have a tooth you suspect has a cavity. Then follow four aftercare steps to ensure that your newly filled tooth will be fine.

Don't Consume Food or Drink for a Few Hours

When a Denver cosmetic dentist or family dentist tells you not to eat or drink for a few hours after a cavity is filled, there is a reason, or three. First, your mouth is still frozen and you can't control what stays in, falls out, or doesn't make it to your throat. Two, you could accidentally bite your tongue or cheek on the frozen side and be in pain later. Three, anything sticky or hard could damage the new filling, and any food sugars could sneak in under the edges of the filling and start a fresh cavity.

Ergo, no food or drink that could undo the filling that was just done. Wait for your mouth to unfreeze and for the filling to fully cure. Then you can eat and drink.

Brush the Filling the First Night

Protecting the filling against food acids and sugars starts with brushing the filled tooth the first night. Keeping it and all your other teeth clean makes the filling and your natural teeth last longer. It's perfectly safe to brush your filling the first night, too.

You May Experience Sensitivity

It doesn't happen to everyone, but it is normal if you do experience sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks. You can use a topical numbing agent if it is really bothersome. However, most patients just chew and drink using the opposite side of the mouth until the sensitivity in the filling area goes away.

If You Feel Pain, Use Acetaminophen

It's not unusual to feel pain in a filled tooth or in neighboring teeth. If the cavity was really deep, it might have bothered a nerve to fill it. Many Denver cosmetic dentists and family dentists recommend acetaminophen to alleviate dental discomfort.

Denver dental fillings are just a phone call away. Contact Gentle Smiles of Colorado for an appointment.

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