Dental Fillings

Although you may have healthy gums and strong teeth, it doesn't mean you won't ever experience minor decay. Cavities are common and can happen to anyone, regardless of how often you brush and floss.

That's why regular check-ups with Dr. Tim Wachuta or Dr. Heilman can make all the difference to your oral health. During these appointments, they can spot any potential cavities and take care of them quickly. Filling the affected tooth protects it from further erosion and keeps the problem from worsening.

Dental fillings safeguard your teeth from bacteria or infections spreading within them. To maintain the health of your mouth while keeping discomfort at bay, book an appointment with either Denver cosmetic dentist today.

Dental Materials for Fillings

If there is decay or damage to a tooth, Gentle Smiles of Colorado offer several types depending on the needs of each patient.

The first option is to choose silver amalgam, but although inexpensive, it’s not as commonly used.

The second option is to choose gold fillings, which are the strongest around and can last up to 15 years but become costly.

The third choice option is to choose white tooth-colored composites. This increasingly popular choice bonds directly to the tooth and restores much of its original shape. Not only does this look more natural than other materials, but it also matches the color of your teeth for a seamless result. Get the highest quality dental care in Denver.

The Dental Procedure

A dental bridge is a practical way to replace missing teeth, and the procedure is similar to getting a crown. It usually takes two appointments for the whole process:

If you're working with Dr. Tim Wachuta, for example, he will numb the area needed for the bridge and reshape the teeth so they fit perfectly. Then, he'll take an impression of your smile, either physical or digital, and use it to design and create a custom mold with two supportive crowns on either side. Finally, he will fit a customized bridge during your second appointment.

How to Prevent a Filling in the First Place

Don't wait until you need a filling. It's advisable to visit your Denver cosmetic dentist today to protect your teeth from cavities and other dental problems. It's always better to seek preventative care than wait until you have a problem. Make regular check-ups and cleanings part of your oral healthcare routine twice a year.

Ready to Set up an Appointment With a Denver Cosmetic Dentist Today?

Dr. Tim Wachuta, Dr. Heilman, and our team are here to help. We take great care of our patients, so you don't have to worry if you ever need a dental filling. We'll ensure you're comfortable every step of the way -- and that goes for all our dental treatments. Book an appointment today. Contact us at either our Denver, Golden, or Wheat Ridge offices.

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