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The foundation of any good oral hygiene routine starts with brushing and flossing. Every Denver & Golden dentistry professional at Gentle Smiles of Colorado will tell you the same thing: brushing and flossing at least twice a day is essential to keeping teeth healthy for a lifetime. In fact, simply brushing and flossing every day can help to prevent many common dental problems that often lead to expensive and time-consuming treatments. Here are some tips for getting more out of your daily routine.

Brushing Tips

BrushMany people think the harder they brush their teeth, the cleaner they are likely to be. While there are toothbrush options available with medium and even hard bristles, we recommend choosing a brush with soft bristles. It doesn’t have to be super fancy; it just needs to be able to do its job well.

Use small, circular motions to brush the front, top, and back side of each tooth. Be sure to reach all available areas. This should take a few minutes to complete when done thoroughly. When you are through brushing every tooth, use the bristles to also softly clean the roof of the mouth and the tongue.

For the best results, brush your teeth after every meal and before bed. Do not swallow toothpaste while brushing, and remember to rinse your mouth when you are done. Replace your toothbrush every two to three months or when the bristles start to fray.

Flossing the Correct Way

BrushFlossing is essential to get buildup and bacteria out from between the teeth where toothbrush bristles have a difficult time reaching. Pull out a long string of floss and wrap the ends around the middle finger of each hand. Gently pull the floss between each teeth all the way to gum line, unwrapping clean floss as you move from tooth to tooth. For the best results, come in at an angle and pull the floss back and forth as if you are polishing each tooth. Don’t forget to floss behind your back teeth as well.

Flossing should be performed at least once a day, preferably right before bed. If you haven’t flossed in a while, then some bleeding may occur. This should stop after flossing for a few days. If bleeding persists, then let our dental professionals know at your next checkup.

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While brushing and flossing are the cornerstones to great dental hygiene, don’t forget to come see us for a checkup every six months as well. With three offices across Denver, Golden, & Wheat Ridge, CO, Gentle Smiles of Colorado is never too far. You can contact us online or over the phone by calling us in Denver at (303) 756-2770, in Golden at (303) 278-2800, or in Wheat Ridge at (303) 425-5100.

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