5 Reasons Why a Tooth Extraction is Necessary

5 Reasons Why a Tooth Extraction is Necessary
Posted on 02/25/2022

Think that you might need a tooth extraction? There are different reasons as to why a person might get dental tooth extractions; depending on your age and dental history, getting one might be necessary. At Gentle Smiles of Colorado, we strive to provide comprehensive dental treatments and preventative care. If we notice that a patient needs an extraction, we may recommend treating it for different reasons. And if you’re looking to prevent tooth extraction, learn the top 5 reasons why one may be necessary.

What is a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is a process where a dentist removes a tooth from the gum socket. However, there are two types of tooth extraction- simple extractions and surgical extractions. A simple extraction is when the tooth has already erupted out of the gums and is extracted from the socket. A surgical extraction is when the tooth has not fully erupted or when the tooth has been broken under the gumline. With surgical extractions, they are usually performed under general anesthesia.

Top 5 Reasons For an Extraction

  • Tooth Decay- The build-up of tartar/plaque causes tooth decay, which infects the pulp of your tooth. These deposits eat away at the enamel, making the tooth weak and brittle. If the condition gets bad enough, then an infection can develop, causing pain, swelling, and redness. Your dentist/oral surgeon may suggest a root canal treatment. But if the infection becomes severe, then tooth extraction is necessary.
  • Impacted Molars- Impacted molars happen when the tooth doesn’t erupt from the gums and pushes directly against another tooth. It usually happens to molars or wisdom teeth because they don’t have enough room to grow upright. Because of this impact, the tooth is susceptible to infection. People who experience this condition often report pain and swelling around the jaw and difficulty opening their mouths. This is when a surgical extraction is most common.
  • Gum Disease/Periodontitis-Gum disease causes deep gum recession. An extraction is needed because your tooth doesn’t have enough gum tissue to hold it. The two most common types of gum disease are gingivitis and periodontitis. Similar to tooth decay, periodontal and gum disease is often caused by the build-up of plaque and tartar on the teeth. Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums surrounding the teeth, while periodontitis is the inflammation of both the bones and tissues surrounding the teeth. If the bone or gum around the tooth deteriorates too much, then it may be necessary to remove the tooth.
  • Overcrowding-Your dentist might recommend extracting a tooth or teeth to correct your mile. Removing the problematic teeth can open up free space for the rest of the teeth to spread out as needed, preserving your straight smile without the need for braces.
  • Fractured Teeth-Your teeth are made of bone-like tissue and the hardest substance of the body. However, it can also become fractured (just like bones in the body). If a tooth gets fractured below the gum line, your dentist performs an extraction to solve the problem. Teeth are often some of the first casualties in an accident. No matter what type of accident you had, a fractured tooth or teeth can wreak havoc on your health. If a tooth becomes too damaged to be saved, tooth extraction is necessary. Otherwise, a damaged tooth could become severely infected and eventually require a procedure like a root canal that can be just as painful.

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