5 Amazingly Simple Things You Can Do to Prevent Cavities

5 Amazingly Simple Things You Can Do to Prevent Cavities
Posted on 02/13/2023

Here at Gentle Smiles of Colorado, we know just how important it is to have a healthy and vibrant smile. While going to the dentist regularly is indeed very helpful and, with Dr. Tim Wachuta and staff working on your teeth, remarkably fun - there are some ways to prevent cavities at home.

Just what should you be doing to lessen your risk of developing cavities? Here are five easy ways to prevent cavities from forming.

Be Aware of Your Cavity Risk

First and foremost, know your cavity risk level. A comprehensive dental exam can tell you more about your risks, and you can then develop a plan for maintaining and even enhancing your oral health.

Studies indicate that there is evidence of genetic contributions to cavity risk. If other people in your immediate family struggle with cavities, there is a chance that you are at risk, too. We highly encourage you to schedule a comprehensive exam at our office so that you can become better informed about your risks.

Drink More Water and Less Acidic and Sugary Stuff

We all love a tasty, sugary drink sometimes, and there is generally no problem drinking sugary or acidic stuff in moderation if you're diligent about your oral hygiene. However, if you have that delicious morning Frappuccino and don't brush your teeth within 20-30 minutes of consuming it, you're more at risk for developing cavities.

Of course, drinking more water is a bonus for your all-around health. Your cells need it, as do your teeth! Drinking water with fluoride can help prevent cavities from forming.

Use the Right Toothbrush and Brushing Techniques

It is important that you brush your teeth at regular intervals since there are a billion microbes in your mouth trying to break down sugars and leave behind the plaque. The bacteria in your mouth can cause dental disease.

Using antimicrobial mouthwash every day helps, and brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush gently at a 45-degree angle is essential. It's even a good idea to brush your tongue!

Make Flossing a Habit

Flossing is important since it gets in between the teeth, which toothbrushes cannot reach. You can floss while watching your favorite Netflix show or while you're on break at work. Getting into the habit is important, and you should be flossing three times a day to keep cavities at bay.

Smoking Cessation

We're not here to tell you to live your life, but we can tell you that millions of Americans develop oral diseases from long-term smoking. Smoking does more than just stain your teeth; it leaves them decayed and vulnerable to cavities.

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