April is Burgundy & White for Oral Cancer Awareness

April is Burgundy and White for Oral Cancer Awareness
Posted on 04/20/2016

Over the past couple of decades, there have been multiple campaigns to educate the public on the importance of well checks and detecting certain types of cancer early on. April is a burgundy and white month for Oral Cancer Awareness. Why the hype on this type of head and neck cancer? Too often, this disease goes undiagnosed in individuals until it reaches the late stages. Here at Gentle Smiles of Colorado, we know that if more people are aware of the dangers of this disease and do their part to get checked regularly, the number of survivors of this cancer will greatly increase.

How to Be Aware

Approximately 48,000 people will be diagnosed with cancer this year alone. Campaigns have been working for the past 20 years to bring this danger to people’s attention. Your job is simpler than you might think. You just need to recognize the risk factors and symptoms associated with oral cancer. Some symptoms of a problem include:

  • Lesions in the mouth area
  • Swelling in the mouth, shifting the teeth or dentures
  • Chronic sore throat
  • Chronic hoarseness
  • Sores around the mouth or throat
  • Lumps or swellings around the mouth or throat
  • Trouble talking, chewing, or swallowing

Regular Screenings Are Essential

The good news is that a screening once a year is all it really takes to keep an eye out and get an early diagnosis. This can be done at one of your Denver & Golden dentistry checkups. Everyone should be screened for oral cancer, but you might be at a higher risk for diagnosis if you have these risk factors.

  • Smoking
  • Excessive exposure to the sun
  • Exposure to human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • A family history of cancer
  • Alcohol

Learn More Today

Schedule an oral cancer screening today, and let all of your friends and family know how important it is to get screened. It’s easy to do, and it can save so many lives.

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