Caring For Your Veneers: Maintenance And Hygiene Tips

Caring For Your Veneers: Maintenance And Hygiene Tips
Posted on 07/10/2023

Dr. Tim Wachuta knows how important your smile is to you and wants to help you protect it. At Gentle Smiles of Colorado, you get easy access to any of the procedures you want to build a great smile. When you pick veneers, you get a new smile in less time than you thought possible. See how to maintain your veneers and practice good oral hygiene before or after the doctor places yours.

Tooth Veneer Maintenance Tips

Tooth or dental veneers refer to porcelain or another material designed to hit on top of your natural tooth. Many patients choose them because they want even and straight teeth. You can maintain them in the same way you care for your other teeth. We recommend flossing and brushing three times a day. Changing your toothpaste can help, too. Look for one that is mild and less abrasive as abrasive pastes can damage the veneers.

Consider Early Dental Care

Should You Wear a Mouth Guard?

Before you make a cosmetic dentist Denver appointment for the placement of your veneers, consider investing in a mouth guard. Mouth guards fit inside your mouth and protect both your teeth and veneers. If you play a lot of sports or engage in risky hobbies, try wearing one. Those hobbies include boxing, wrestling, kayaking, and camping.

Avoid Stains

During your cosmetic dentistry appointment, the doctor may talk with you about what foods to avoid. These foods can stain your veneers and ruin their look. The things you eat aren't the only things that cause stains. Smoking and drinking coffee or soda can lead to stains, too.

Foods to Avoid

The foods to avoid if you want to keep your veneers looking nice include tomatoes and tomato sauces, dishes that use a lot of soy sauce, and many berries. Blackberries and blueberries are just a few to avoid. The bright yellow color you see in a curry dish can stain your veneers, too. Our cosmetic dentist Denver team warns against eating starchy or sugary foods as well. Those foods have a lot of sugars that can lead to tooth decay and damage the veneers, which may require an emergency appointment if one cracks.

Book a Dental Exam

Veneers for New Smiles

Dental veneers help you develop a new smile. Not only do they make all of your teeth look even, but they also help you hide damaged teeth. Dr. Tim Wachuta can place veneers made of the material you want during a standard appointment. Call today to schedule a consultation for veneers now that you know how to care for them.

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