Debunking 4 Myths about Tooth Extractions

Debunking 4 Myths about Tooth Extractions
Posted on 05/06/2023

At Gentle Smiles of Colorado, we take great pride in being the best cosmetic dentists in Denver. Whether you come to our Denver, Golden, or Wheat Ridge, CO office, we provide the latest research-based techniques and good, old-fashioned care. We also want to give you the most up-to-date information and hope to dispel four common myths about tooth extractions.

Myth 1: It Is Excruciatingly Painful

Tooth extraction seems like the ultimate dental failure for many of our patients. This alone can make it feel painful. When your mind fills with images of pliers, strings, and closing doors, tooth removal triggers many alarms.

While dental extraction causes some swelling and pain, the process itself has evolved dramatically over the years. When you have a tooth extracted in our office, you will at least receive some medication to numb the area. If you have a more complex situation, we can administer mild sedation for increased pain management. Speak up, and we'll provide pain medication until you feel relief.

Myth 2: Wisdom Teeth Must Come Out

So many patients think that wisdom teeth are a rite of passage. While this was once the case, our practice will consider your situation individually. Research has shown us that wisdom teeth don't need removal unless they cause problems. Impacted wisdom teeth can become infected or damage other teeth. They can also overcrowd the mouth, pushing other teeth out of proper alignment.

Myth 3: It's The Best Option for Extremely Diseased or Damaged Teeth

Another myth is that extraction is the only way to treat a cracked or infected tooth. While extraction is an option in these cases, it isn't the only solution.

We've repaired significant cracks by installing crowns. While recovery might take time, antibiotic therapy can treat once-deadly infections. Our dentists in Denver employ an impressive array of pro-dental treatments, techniques, and medications.

Myth 4: Once It's Out, The Work Is Done

A common misunderstanding is that removing a tooth is a complete dental treatment. While a tooth might be gone, the gums, bones, and surrounding tissues still impact your health. Many patients require an implant, bridge, or other dental work to fill the space.

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