Myths & Facts About Gum Disease

Myths & Facts About Gum Disease
Posted on 09/10/2023

Periodontists know that gum disease is a serious threat to your oral health. That’s why they focus on the prevention and treatment of this invasive condition to prevent significant oral harm. When you make regular visits to our periodontist Denver office, you know you are doing your utmost to avoid and/or deal with gum disease effectively. Contact us at Gentle Smiles of Colorado today at our Denver, Golden, or Wheat Ridge offices to find out more about periodontal care and our cosmetic dentist Denver services, too.

What is Gum Disease?

You might be surprised to find out that about 42 percent of Americans over 30 have periodontitis, also known as gum disease. It is an ongoing infection in the mouth that attacks the structural support for your teeth. If left untreated, gum disease causes tooth loss.

What Are Some Common Myths About Periodontitis?

One myth we often discuss with new patients at our periodontics Denver office is that gum disease only affects the elderly. We see adults of all ages with mild to severe cases of gum disease, so it’s important not to put off dental care due to this misconception.

Another myth regarding gum disease is the belief that if you have it, you would know it. Unlike many health issues, periodontitis is not always detectable until it has gained an upper hand on your oral health. That’s why it’s so critical to see your dentist regularly for evaluation and preventative treatment. Touch base with your periodontist in Denver to schedule an appointment now.

Many people believe that regular brushing and flossing keeps gum disease at bay. Although this myth is based in fact, it does not tell the whole story. Even responsible oral hygiene cannot cancel out the negative effects of tobacco use, an unbalanced diet, genetics, or systemic issues like diabetes.

Get the Facts at Your Periodontist in Denver

It’s important to know the truth about gum disease so you can work with your dentist to keep your mouth healthy. Your periodontist in Denver, Golden, and Wheat Ridge has the latest knowledge, equipment, and training to deal with gum disease and many other dental issues.
Your full-service Colorado dental office offers additional oral services, too. You can see your new cosmetic dentist Denver in the same office. Visit us at Gentle Smiles of Colorado to explore all the possibilities.

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