Oral Cancer Awareness in April

Oral Cancer Awareness in April
Posted on 03/29/2016

Learn About Oral Cancer Detection This April

Cancer is a type of disease that has the potential to affect anyone. The families served by Denver & Wheat Ridge Dentistry clinics like Gentle Smiles of Colorado may be interested to learn that next month in April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. This is an important occasion to draw attention to a variety of cancer that often goes undetected in its earliest, and most treatable, stages. Because cancer may affect anyone, knowing a few things about this particular variety will help the people in our community take action.

Oral Cancer is a Serious Concern

Oral cancer is sometimes referred to as a silent killer because it can strike anyone and because it so often escapes detection. Oral Health Awareness Month was established to bring attention to this public health concern and to raise awareness about the role that oral cancer screenings should play in health care.

Prevention Can Be Key to Effective Treatment

If cancer is detected in its early stages, patients will most likely have a greater range of treatment options. These options also have the potential to be more effective. Because early detection is such an important strategy in the fight against cancer, everyone should know about screenings. Dental health care professionals can conduct simple oral cancer screenings during regular checkups and cleanings. Here are some ways that you can make screenings a fundamental part of your family’s oral health:

  • Be sure to talk to your dentist about your need for oral cancer screenings.
  • Know about your family health history regarding cancer, especially oral cancer.
  • Discover the risk factors affecting you, such as smoking or chewing tobacco use.
  • Learn about strategies to combat those risk factors, including smoking cessation and HPV vaccination.
  • Encourage your family members to talk to their dental care providers about these valuable screenings.

Care and Prevention Go Hand in Hand

The next time you have an appointment with Gentle Smiles of Colorado, ask about oral cancer screenings. Residents in Denver, Wheat Ridge, and surrounding communities are all served by our office. Contact your nearest Gentle Smiles of Colorado location to schedule an appointment or call (303) 756-2770.

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