Pros and Cons of Root Canal Treatment

Pros and Cons of Root Canal Treatment
Posted on 04/25/2022

So you might need a root canal?

If your tooth has been giving you trouble, it may be time to visit your Denver dentist at Gentle Smiles of Colorado for treatment. Once a tooth has become infected, it might be necessary for a root canal treatment. Root canals sometimes have a bad reputation, but are a common and effective method for treating - and saving - an infected tooth. Let’s chat about the pros and cons of root canal treatment.

The Cons

We will discuss the disadvantages of root canal treatment first:

  • Time - The initial root canal procedure doesn’t take an excessively long amount of time, but you will have to schedule a second visit to replace the temporary crown with a permanent crown at a later date.
  • Price - Root canals are a more significant expense than lesser forms of dental treatment.
  • Risks - While not common, it is possible the infection lingers or returns, which could require further treatment.

While of course there are downfalls to many treatments, root canal treatment has its fair share of advantages, too!

The Pros

  • Cosmetic - You get to save your tooth! Catching the infection and treating it with a root canal before the tooth needs to be extracted will save your tooth. This not only is more cosmetically appealing, but it will also keep the rest of your teeth from shifting if a gap is left behind by extraction.
    • Relief - Cleaning out the infection will provide near-immediate relief from the pain you have been suffering from.
  • Health - Avoiding a root canal gives the infection a chance to spread, causing more serious damage.
  • Price - How can the price be listed as a pro AND a con? Well, while a root canal isn’t cheap, it’s much more affordable than tooth extraction and replacing your misplaced tooth with a dental implant. Money now saves money later.

Let’s schedule your root canal

After reading through the pros and cons of root canal therapy, we hope you feel comfortable contacting your periodontics Denver specialist to discuss your tooth pain and get booked for an appointment. Request an appointment with Gentle Smiles of Colorado - we look forward to seeing you!

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