Tooth Truths: Myths and Facts about Child Dental Care

Tooth Truths: Myths and Facts about Child Dental Care
Posted on 11/08/2022

We all want our little ones to have healthy smiles, and our team offers periodontics in Denver at Gentle Smiles of Colorado is committed to helping children maintain great oral health. There are many myths regarding children's dental care, and we have debunked a few of the most common ones below. 

Myths and Facts of Child Dental Care

Myth: Parents don't need to brush their infant's teeth.

Fact: Brushing should begin as soon as your baby's teeth surface. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends gently rubbing teeth with a clean washcloth as soon as they erupt. Bottles and pacifiers increase the risk of tooth decay in babies, which can cause problems with the development of permanent teeth. Many parents think baby teeth aren't important because they eventually fall out. Brushing your baby's teeth will establish a consistent routine, and it prevents tooth decay. 

Myth: Dental cleanings and exams should begin when children are toddlers. 

Fact: Your child's first dental visit should happen within six months after a tooth breaks through the gums or when he or she turns one. A baby's first dental visit is a good time for parents to discuss thumb sucking and other concerns, such as pacifiers. It is important to address these issues early because they can lead to bite problems. At your child's checkup, our team at Gentle Smiles of Colorado will:

  • clean and polish teeth
  • apply fluoride and sealants if needed
  • check for tooth decay and oral health issues

: Fluoride is harmful to children. 

Fact: A common dental misconception is that fluoride is bad for children. When used correctly, fluoride is beneficial for children's oral health. It helps strengthen enamel and lessen the risk of cavities. There are many kinds of toothpaste and mouthwash with fluoride that are made for children. 

Myth: Children don't need to floss. 

Fact: The AAPD suggests that parents floss their children's teeth once a day. The AAPD stated that it's difficult for children to floss until the age of seven or eight effectively. 

Myth: What children eat doesn't matter as long as they brush and floss. 

Fact: Processed foods with high amounts of sugar can lead to tooth decay. Nutrition also plays a vital role in the development of your child's oral health. Limit sugary foods and snacks, and give your child healthy, calcium-rich foods to help them develop strong teeth. 

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