Top 10 Worst Food Items for Your Teeth

Top 10 Worst Food Items for Your Teeth
Posted on 03/01/2021
Bad Food for Teeth

Top 10 Worst Food Items for Your Teeth

We all know too much candy can cause cavities in children and adults, but actually there are quite a few different kinds of foods, some of which seem totally healthy, which can do a lot of damage to our teeth if we're not careful. At Gentle Smiles of Colorado, we provide comprehensive general dentistry, cosmetic and periodontal care for patients in Wheat Ridge and the  Denver area, but we also want to help you avoid the need for serious treatment later on by choosing the right foods to keep your teeth strong. Some of these foods may seem obvious, but are worth repeating, and others might be snacks you didn't know you needed to look out for. 

Sour Candy

Regular candy is full of sugar, but sour candy is the biggest villain of all! It is often chewy and sticks firmly in the grooves of your teeth, and it is also full of acid for sour flavoring, which can corrode enamel.  

White Bread

White processed bread breaks down into a paste as you chew which is mostly made of sugar. It gets in between your teeth and can cause bacteria to collect just like sugary candy. It is best to avoid soft processed breads and opt for firmer whole grains.


Soda is horrible for your teeth, especially when consumed daily. The carbonation in combination with the excessive amounts of sugar in soda pop does major damage, the acid that gives soda its bite is corrosive, and the caramel dye that colors cola can yellow teeth! 

Coffee Frappes 

Caffein can gradually weaken your bones, and your teeth, because it leaches calcium from your system. Most fancy frappe drinks are filled with sugar, sweetened milk, and flavored sugar, so drinking them too often is not great for your teeth. 


Your teeth can get hairline fractures that weaken their protective enamel, chip or even break, from chomping down on too hard foods. Ice is tempting to chew but it can really do a number on the integrity of your teeth, causing long term damage. 

Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is chewy and sticky, and it contains far more sugar than fresh fruits. Even though it seems like a healthy snack alternative, it is best to avoid it, or floss very well and brush after eating. 

Sports Drinks

Those drinks that are advertised as electrolyte filled, energy boosting thirst quenchers are actually just dyed sugar water with drawbacks that outweigh any benefits. Instead, boost your electrolytes with coconut water.


Alcohol dries out your mouth, messing with the saliva and mineral balance that keeps your teeth, gums, and digestive system healthy. Red wine can also stain your teeth.


Oranges and lemons are full of beneficial vitamin C, but they are also highly acidic, and can be damaging to teeth. Drink citrus juice in moderation, and avoid eating lemons. 


Eating too much cake is a triple whammy of tooth don'ts: lots of sugar, soft bread, and icing which coats teeth and promotes decay. On special occasions this one's not so bad, but it should be avoided if you are concerned about cavities.

Consult With Your Dentist

No matter how diligent we are about caring for our teeth, we might still need some treatment, or wish to improve our smiles over the years, and it's always best to visit a dentist you can rely on. Our experienced and reliable team at Gentle Smiles of Colorado, would love to help you embark on your unique smile journey, so if you have any questions please contact us and request an appointment today to get started!

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