Top 5 Root Canal Recovery Tips

Top 5 Root Canal Recovery Tips
Posted on 03/09/2024

Dr Tim Wachuta is your leading choice for dental procedures in and around Denver, Golden, and Wheat Ridge. He has a guiding hand and a friendly voice that makes patients feel at home right away. Let the doctor walk you through root canals and why you need one. He'll even make sure you know how to quickly recover from the procedure with five simple tips.

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Cope with Swelling

Many patients experience some swelling after their root canals. It's a normal part of the process but may worsen your pain. Using an ice pack should help. Keep the pack on your face for 15 minutes at a time. Some patients also find it helpful to sleep on an incline with their heads propped up.

Choose Soft Foods

Any cosmetic dentist in Denver, Golden, and Wheat Ridge will recommend you choose soft foods after the procedure. Not only can hard and crunchy foods slow down the healing process, but they can also introduce bacteria into your mouth. Some of the best foods include yogurt, broth, cottage cheese, and mashed potatoes.

Watch for Complications

Watching for complications lets you know when to contact the doctor. Discharge from around the affected tooth is dangerous because it can be an early warning sign of an infection. Intense swelling can also be an infection sign. We recommend that you reach out if you have worsening pain, too.


Dr Tim Wachuta encourages patients to relax and take their time. Don't force yourself to recover faster or push yourself too hard. You'll likely want to take the rest of the day off work as well as the next day. Avoid activities that are too strenuous and let someone else handle some of your duties. Even cooking or picking the kids up from school can delay your healing.

Practice Good Hygiene

Practicing good dental hygiene is equally important. Rinse with antibacterial mouthwash that doesn't use alcohol to remove any bacteria. Every time you eat, brush your teeth and floss. This helps you prepare for your dental filling or crown appointment.

What to Avoid

Doctors perform around 15 million root canals annually. They go over what to do and what to avoid with their patients before they leave. Do not smoke any substance for the first few days. Smoking can lead to a dry socket, which can cause blood clot complications. Avoid activities that require a lot of energy and activities that might cause you to hit your head or mouth.

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Knowing how to recover from your root canal helps you feel better about the procedure and eases some of the worries on your mind. Dr Tim Wachuta at Gentle Smiles of Colorado can ease your concerns and fears, too. Call our office today to see how quickly we can schedule your first appointment for a root canal.

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