Veneers vs. Crowns: What's the Difference?

Veneers vs. Crowns: What's the Difference?
Posted on 05/10/2023

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When you have teeth with cracks, chips, stains, and other damage, you might feel embarrassed and even avoid smiling or laughing. We want to help you gain the confidence you need with treatments like dental veneers and crowns. While both are cosmetic treatments, we want to help you learn the differences between them. Find out how veneers and crowns compare.

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Basic Uses

One way to compare the two is with a look at why you can use them. Often made from porcelain, dental veneers can also use a resin composite material. They help with a range of issues such as stains and chips. Veneers are also a good choice if you have misaligned teeth or gaps in your smile.

Crowns are slightly different because they hide more serious signs of damage. If you had a root canal due to a large cavity, we'll usually recommend a crown. Crowns can hide the signs of a root canal and protect a dental implant. They're also suitable for patients with cracked or broken teeth.


Another difference between the two procedures is in how long they take. With dental veneers, you usually need to wait three weeks for a laboratory to make ones that match your teeth. While you might assume that dental crowns take longer to fit, it only takes an average of two weeks for a laboratory to make them.

Which One is Best for You

Whether you need Denver dental crowns or veneers will depend on the type of damage you want to cover. Crowns are best for broken teeth like one that a cavity ate through or one that you broke during a car accident. Veneers are best for stains and minor damage like small cracks and chips that affect your smile.

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Get Help with Your Decision

Dr. Tim Wachuta of Golden Smiles of Colorado can help you learn more about the differences between crowns and veneers. He'll look at your teeth and take x-rays before he helps you make your final decision. Call today to talk with us about Denver dental crowns, veneers, and other cosmetic procedures.

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